Gifto Kucoin AMA, April 2023

Here is a recap of the April 2023 AMA on Kucoin

4 min readApr 27, 2023

Kucoin hosted a Telegram AMA session with Charles, lead of Gifto, after the great interested from the Kucoin community in GFT. Announcement link.

Below is a recap of the April 2023 Community AMA that took place on April 18th, 2023. Below there is the transcript of the AMA and the topics that were discussed:

Guest Introduction:

Charles: Currently I’m the lead of the Gifto (GFT) project. I really don’t like the term CEO but that’s what it is. Previously was in banking for 2 decades and joint the crypto world in 2014.

Project Introduction:

Gifto is a universal gifting protocol where we aim to take virtual gifts and Web3 interactions to a different level via blockchain technology and NFTs.

Q & A from KuCoin

1. What will we see coming in Quarter 2 & 3 for Gifto?

Q2 2023

Development of a brand new GIFTO Wallet: an easy-to-use Web3 wallet with NFT support.

Q3 2023

Gifto Store: a marketplace-like platform within the Gifto Web3 wallet for content creators and fans to sell their gifting content, including NFTs, with a redistribution system for creators and burn mechanisms.

Integration of a Red packet system within the Wallet for gifting.

Seasonal holiday and special occasion gift card events, such as red envelopes for Chinese New Year

2. Early April, Gifto staking platform went live which is huge news for any project. Congratulations on this! Could you share the current staking APY as well as how many $GFT tokens are locked? How is it going so far?

$GFT staking APY is now over 74% with +825k worth of $GFT in total locked. The TVL keeps increasing over time, and the APY adjusts to the size of the TVL.

3. Another tool Gifto keeps teasing us with is Gifto Wallet. Do you have a launch date for it? And one more question here: apart from its obvious features such as crypto storage and access to the aforementioned staking platform, what else will a user get with Gifto Wallet?

Charles: Gifto Wallet is planned to be released in Q2 2023. It is currently under development, and we will be updating as there is further progress on it, as it will be more-than-a-wallet, featuring extra options such as the Gifto store, the Gifto staking and the red packet gifting system, and more.

4. They say we are finally entering a bull market, aren’t we? What helped Gifto survive the bear market? We all have got through really tough times recently.

We’ve been too busy with the project development haha.

5. What I personally like about Gifto is its usability — cut and clear: making blockchain presents like simple tokens or NFTs, community prizes, red envelopes, and so on. What development steps should Gifto make so we could finally enjoy a full range of opportunities it can provide?

Apart from Gifto Store & Wallet planned for Q2 & Q3, the team has been also working on Gifto d’App browser extension for Twitter, integration of the Gifto Wallet on social media, Metaverse gifting, and something else.

6. The $GFT token is listed on, I dare say, all the largest cryptocurrency exchanges. KuCoin is on this list, certainly. How has this listing affected Gifto’s performance & further development?

Kucoin is one of the most reputable and well-known exchanges in the crypto scene, and we are very grateful for being listed on your exchange. We believe that being listed on Kucoin represents a unique opportunity for Gifto as it gives access to traders worldwide to trade $GFT at ease.

Kucoin has established itself as a leading and trusted exchange in the dynamic world of crypto, and we at Gifto are honoured to be listed on your platform. This listing presents an exceptional opportunity for Gifto, as it enables easy access for traders worldwide to participate in GFT trading. We are committed to nurturing a long-term relationship with Kucoin.

Free — Ask Community Questions

Q: What was your motive behind making your project?

I was fixed on decentralisation. A lot of people talk about this and how blockchain/cryptos can help. But since Bitcoin was introduced, I still haven’t seen a truly decentralised project. Mining and Staking centralization and project centric centralization are all I’ve seen. So we need to elevate it to a second layer of practical implementation of blockchain via Gifto to create a real decentralisation space.

Q: Do you guys feel satisfied by seeing your progress and achievements till now, when you look back to the day when you have started this project?

It’s always up and down. Sometimes you feel like you can not have walls enclosed on you other times you feel like the world is yours. I think it’s the ride that counts but our team stuck together to continue our efforts to deliver on the project.

Q: Do you consider feedback by the community? Do you think the feedback community can help to build trust and engagement for your project in the future?

Absolutely crucial. Please check our website for this at

Q: Where can I buy your #GFT tokens right now what is your #GFT contract and how can I buy them??

You can simply buy GFT token on KuCoin.

Q: How can individuals and businesses get involved with Gifto (GFT) and contribute to its development and adoption?

They always can. This is the endgame for sure. We work hard on these projects to bring individuals and businesses to use it. It’s a ubiquitous protocol for mass adoption. Key for us is to make it easy to use and marketable to all market segments, B2C and B2B.

Further information about the Kucoin GFT rewards
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